Moon Juice

Moon Juice is a Venice Beach based supplement company founded by entrepreneur and wellness influencer, Amanda Chantal Bacon.   She founded Moon Juice in 2012 with the highest  standards of efficacy and purity in mind.   Moon Juice is priced at premium due to the rigorous testing and sourcing, clinical doses, and bioavailable forms.   Formulas that cost less may source commodity ingredients, use subclinical dosed in non-bioavailable forms, and include fillers and flow agents that can disrupt your microbiome and endocrine system.   Responsible sourcing ensures the natural environment is not disrupted and they contribute to regenerative practices and never source endangered plants.   The glass jars are recyclable reusable and they offer compostable refill pouches.  


Stacey’s must try Moon Juice product:   SuperHair Supplement

Why she loves it:   Not only are they a substitute for a multi vitamin, SuperHair has adaptogens, follicle protectors and micronutrients and personally helped me regrow my hair after Covid related hair loss.

How to use it:   Take 4 caps of SuperHair every day  with or without food and a glass of water.

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