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I’m Stacey Staley, owner of BLUXOM.  I run the business with my husband, Iurii Prinko.  Together, we have over 3 decades of combined experience in the beauty industry and customer service.  

My path started back in Canada in 2000 as a hairstylist.  When I opened my first business, a hair salon called Blonde in 2006 in Toronto,  my intention was to specialize in blonde hair services.  Very quickly I learned that the home care  component was just as important as my services and my retail business was born!  I loved finding the best hair products and soon clients asked me to source other goods for them too.  Much to my surprise, I began  enjoying this part of my business just as much as doing services and began dreaming of the day when I would develop and focus only on a retail concept. Specifically,  a small boutique with goods from my own brand alongside hand selected brands that I personally love and that meet my standards for quality,  cleanliness and social/environmental consciousness. 
Iurii originally comes from an accounting background in Kiev, Ukraine.  When he moved to Canada, he switched careers and began working as a Thai yoga massage practitioner and working in the salon with me.  Yura has always embraced the vision for my retail concept and being a bit of an inventor at heart,  loved the idea of developing our own products.  
Fast forward to 2020-  the opportunity presented to purchase BLUXOM in North Park, San Diego.  As the pandemic began, so did our journey to California and transforming this tired, little neighborhood salon into its full potential-  a beauty and wellness boutique and a lifestyle brand of products.  Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the world,  we knew one thing was for certain-  a fresh start at living a more mindful and intentional life and the opportunity to give life to our retail concept and achieve a decade long goal!
During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, the BLUXOM body and cuticle oils and scrunchies were born.   We have been developing our online store for a large part of 2022 and are so excited you are finally here with us and it’s live in 2023.  We didn’t want your customer experience to be another cut and paste site and we hope you agree with us it was worth the wait!  We have shut he doors to our North Park location to focus on our online store and product development.   But don’t worry, we are scouting new and ideal spaces and in 2024, you will be able to shop all your BLUXOM products and discover new ones in person!
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