Tangle Teezer was founded in 2007 by British hairdresser Shaun Pulfrey.   Pulfrey had worked in the hair industry for many years and noticed that traditional brushes were causing damage to his clients’ hair, especially when trying to detangle knotted or matted hair.   He set out to create a brush that would be gentle on hair while effectively detangling it.   After several years of research and development and an appearance on the UK’s version of Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, the Tangle Teezer was born.   The brand quickly gained popularity among consumers and celebrities alike, with its innovative design and effective results.  Today, Tangle Teezer is sold in over 70 countries worldwide and has won numerous awards for its unique approach to haircare.   Fun fact- the Tangle Teaser is so popular that 20 brushes are sold every single minute!


Stacey’s must try TANGLE TEEZER product:   The Ultimate Vented Hairbrush 


Why she loves it:  this vented brush has a retro aesthetic,  works well on wet and dry hair and untangles the knottiest hair!

How to use it:  Use on wet hair with your favorite detangler and section off hair and blow dry for a smooth finish.

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