When my husband Yura and I were living in Canada, I was constantly buying creams and lotions to combat the winter conditions and I was always running out of them.  They never seemed to last as long as they claimed they would.   I often found the fragrances a bit overwhelming and they would compete with my perfume.  When we started traveling back and forth from Toronto to San Diego, the need for creams increased more with the two very different climates we were living in and the long cross country flights.   Yura got the idea to develop body oil when he saw how popular BLUXOM cuticle oil was amongst the clientele.   He began researching oils vs creams and realized oils are longer lasting and contain less chemicals and additives than lotions and they have been used for centuries.   In this blog post, I am going to share why body oils are worth trying for yourself if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Unlike lotions and creams, which contain water and other fillers that evaporate quickly, body oils are composed entirely of natural plant-based ingredients like pomegranate oil, sweet almond oil and meadow foam oil.   These oils penetrate deep into your pores to nourish and protect your skin from environmental pollutants and damage.   Using plant based ingredients also means that the fragrances will provide an aromatherapy like experience when you apply and then mellows out so you can wear them alone or layer your perfume on top.

This isn’t just a marketing ploy either;  there have been studies done that prove that using body oils helps to increase skin hydration levels by 50% compared to using lotions or creams alone.   This means your skin will stay moisturized longer—even after you shower or take a dip in the ocean.   Plus, because these natural ingredients lack harsh additives or fragrances found in some lotions and creams, they won’t irritate the most sensitive skin.

Using body oil is easy; all you need is a few drops or pumps of your favorite oil, like  BLUXOM CITRUS BODY OIL 15.05 oz / 445ml


Simply apply it directly onto your skin after showering or bathing while your skin is still damp for maximum absorption.   I prefer citrus in the morning for the invigorating aromatherapy experience and neroli when I am feeling stressed out or anxious.   In the evenings or Self Care Sundays, and I want a spa-like experience, I love to add a couple of pumps of the chamomile oil to my bath tub, do a sheet mask and light my favorite candle.   You will feel so relaxed and baby soft when get out and towel off!   One of the most kind and loving gestures that Yura does for me after a long day of doing extension clients (and you can do for your partner to show them some love too) is warm up a small amount between your hands and massage your partner’s sore back or tired feet with body oil.   It feels amazing and the tension will melt away!

If you want a long-lasting, versatile moisture without sacrificing quality ingredients or irritating fragrances, then our body oils are definitely worth trying out.   Not only do they offer superior hydration levels compared to lotions and creams but they also come in three fragrances and two sizes.   So go ahead—try a bottle today.   You won’t be disappointed!   I hope this has helped explain why so many people prefer body oils over traditional moisturizing products and why we created our own.  With their natural ingredients, aromatherapy benefits, and superior hydration levels, we think it’s clear that there’s no going back once you try them out!

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