Get Out of Your Head and Revitalize Your Scalp with a Japanese Head Spa Experience at BLUXOM in San Diego.

Head spas have increased in popularity over the past years in North America and clients have been driving from San Diego to LA to experience scalp massage. Head Spa is a revolutionary Japanese beauty secret transforming the way women approach hair care, especially those grappling with fine, thinning hair, or are devoted extension wearers. The Head Spa experience is a sanctuary for scalp health and rejuvenation and offers more than just a moment of pampering; it’s a deep detoxification scalp treatment ritual rooted in the science of scalp care, promising enhanced hair growth, volume, and relaxation.

Unlocking the Secret to Luxurious Locks

For far too long, the scalp has been the unsung hero in our quest for beautiful hair. The connection between a healthy scalp and vibrant hair is undeniable yet often overlooked. Where blood flows, hair grows, is not just an adage but a scientific truth underscoring the importance of scalp health.

Why Scalp Care is Essential

The scalp, akin to a detoxifying powerhouse, rids our body of toxins and wastes through its complex system. Neglecting scalp care can lead to clogged pores and follicles, reduced blood circulation, and, eventually, hair issues like thinning, loss, and lackluster volume. Hence, maintaining a clean, nourished scalp is akin to ensuring the chimney is clear for smoke to pass through—essential for the overall health of your home, or in this case, your hair.

The Magic of Milbon Head Spa Treatments

At the forefront of the Japanese Head Spa revolution is the use of Milbon hair care products, renowned for their superior quality and targeted approach to various scalp concerns. Whether you’re facing thinning hair, loss of volume, scalp redness, psoriasis, dandruff, sebum buildup or unpleasant odors, Milbon Head Spa hair care products are tailored to your unique needs can offer groundbreaking results.

Benefits of a Head Spa

Detoxification of Hair and Scalp: Just as a facial clears the skin, a scalp facial cleanses deep into the pores of your scalp.

Relaxation of Body and Mind: Enjoy a serene break from the chaos of daily life; reduce headaches and eye strain.

Restoration of Volume: Dry scalp treatments help revitalize your hair’s body and bounce.

Alleviation of Scalp Issues: Prevent hair loss, manage dandruff, and eliminate odor at its source.

Anti-Aging Effects: A lifted, firmer scalp can soften facial lines and rejuvenate your appearance.

What to Expect During a Head Spa Session at BLUXOM:

Entering a Head Spa session, you are not just signing up for a regular scalp treatment, it’s a whole scalp massage experience. Beginning with a personalized consultation, each step is designed to nurture your scalp, hair and mind.

Consultation: Understand your specific hair and scalp needs by discussing your routine, homecare and examining the scalp with a magnifying scope.

Pre Treatment for Scalp: targets oily or dry scalps with a nourishing balm and exfoliant.

Cleanse: Deeply purify the scalp, preparing it for renewal with two vigorous shampoos and rinses.

Scalp and Hair Treatment: Address the hair itself with a nourishing and reparative treatment and a scalp cream to nourish and rejuvenate the scalp. These are then massaged into the scalp for 25 minutes for best results and the utmost relaxation.

Blow Dry: Leave with not just refreshed locks, but a renewed sense of confidence.

The Origins of the Japanese Head Spa

Derived from traditional Japanese beauty rituals, the concept of the Head Spa merges age-old wisdom with contemporary science. It’s more than a hair treatment; it’s a ritualistic celebration of self-care, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

San Diego’s Gateway to Scalp and Hair Nirvana

No longer do beauty enthusiasts need to trek to Los Angeles for a premium Head Spa experience. Nestled in Carmel Mountain, our BLUXOM studio is offering a private setting for all women—busy young moms, working professionals, and self-care devotees alike—to rediscover the essence of lush, healthy hair. Milbon scalp treatment for dry scalp is also perfect for all women with tape in hair extensions, hand tied hair extensions or sew in hair extensions. Clients that wear brands like: Bellami Hair Extensions or EASIHAIR PRO are always welcome.

Are you ready to transform your hair and scalp health?

Email or DM @bluxom to book your Japanese Head Spa session today and immerse yourself in the ultimate scalp detox and rejuvenation scalp massage experience. Explore our range of Milbon treatments and find the perfect one tailored to your needs. Embark on a revitalizing hair care journey that promises not just transformed tresses but a renewed spirit.

We do not sell Milbon products online on our site. However we carry the following 5 Milbon products at our newly opened BLUXOM beauty shop:

Milbon Enhancing Vivacity Shampoo Soften 6.8 fl.oz / 200ml (gently cleanses dry scalp) $49.00
Milbon Enhancing Vivacity Shampoo Refine 6.8 fl.oz / 200ml (gently purifies oily scalp) $49.00
Milbon Enhancing Vivacity Treatment 7.1 oz / 200g (nourishes dry scalp and hair) $58.00
Milbon Enhancing Vivacity Effervesce 5.3 oz / 150g (leave-in scalp primer) $38.00
Milbon Enhancing Vivacity Essence 5.3 oz / 150g (hydrating nutrients) $61.00

BLUXOM Beauty Shop address: 12004 Carmel Mountain Rd #38, San Diego, CA 92128

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